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Together with the TELE10 Group in Africa, AFJERICA Networks will jointly produce TV program in Japan. This unique TV program will be broadcasted throughout Africa and the content covers:

African famous talents visits Japan and explore the secret that how/why Japan has become a world-wide leading technology country by touching ” Omotenashi “ (The Japanese hospitality culture) and “ Monozukuri spirit “ (Manufacturing spirit of Japan way ) during their stay.

At the same time, program backgrounds such like untold scene, making video, etc., will be shared via AFJERICA web site. We will also introduce Japanese products through this web site and people will be able to buy these products online across the continent.

With this entire system,  we will become one of the key business consulting gateway for multi Japanese company who is looking for business in Africa or vise versa. This reliable window will also help to bridge African companies into the various business opportunity.

Inter Culture & Technology exchange project.

AFJERICA inc is leadng producing the Japanes to the Africa any cultures and technoloies widly.